Sunday, 2 September 2018

Exercising And Dieting But Not Losing Weight : National Nutrition Week 2018 ;

Woman Measuring Her WaistTrying to lose weight you are going with regular exercise with healthy diet but unable to lose weight mean that you are not doing right these 5 things .
This week from 1-7 is celebrated as the National Nutrition Week to generate awareness about eating right for good health by month of September.If you are practicing exercise regularly and on a diet but unable to lose weight or feeling fit then it may not be the right exercise and diet for you.
The reasons of not losing weight :
Here are some reasons what may be wrong with you :-1. Potion Size :- Measure the portions of food your are eating by a digital scale.You may not realize but you could be eating multiple servings of even healthy foods which could lead you to pile up the kilos.
2. Changing Diet Frequently :- Stick to a particular diet for at least three months to see result.Going on fad diets every few days can be counterproductive and may actually cause to gain a lot more pounds in the long run.If diet excludes too many food groups,it may not be the best option and if after a few months,you do not notice any change in weight,you may as well as go back to earlier diet.
3. Consumption Of Diet Drinks :- Soda,mean Diet soda could actually be making you gain weight.These contain artificial sweeteners that can raise your insulin levels and lower blood sugar,making you more hungry and likely to overeat.
4. Going Cheat Days ;- These are bad for your long term weight loss goals.It's not practical to binge-eat in a short period of time.It can be even ruin your diet and weight loss progress for the week.
5. Exercise Routine Makes Eat More :- If you have a heavy workout then it insist you to eat more,dieters often make this mistake of eating too much food.You are likely to overestimate the amount of calories you burned.Instead,plan your pre-workout and post workout meals in advance so that you don't give in to temptation.


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