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The Benefits Of Jogging :

Woman in Gray Crew Neck Shirt Running on Brown Soil during DaytimeThe word Jogging when it applied in the field of health,it has many health advantages,for them who are not accustomed with rigorous exercise,it comes handy.It is an imperative exercise for everybody.Jogging is essential to warm up before a major run.
Benefits Of Jogging :
[a] Jogging is good for cardiovascular health.
[b] Jogging improves blood flow in the body.
[c] Jogging helps in weight loss and weight management.
[d] Jogging helps build stamina and endurance.
[e] Jogging is good for bone health.
[f] Jogging helps in keeping a check on cholesterol when it done regularly and coupled with balanced diet.
[g]Jogging enhances lung capacity and the process of respiration.
[h] Jogging helps in relieving stress.
[i] Jogging prepares for more intense and vigorous activities.
[j] Jogging strengthens muscles.
                                     Running vs Jogging :
A number of fitness experts suggest jogging as an activity done at a pace of 6 mph or lesser,anything beyond that would qualify as running.Apart from slower pace,many other factors come in to differentiate jogging from running.
Jogging is feet's contact with the ground is the maximum whereas when you run,it involves minimum contact between the feet and ground.That is why jogging is more weight bearing when compared to fast pace running.From sprinting you can develop more muscles and burn calories,but jogging gives you that endurance,builds up your stamina and gradually preps your muscles for faster and longer runs.This low intensity exercise can be taken up by all,and could be an effective tool for Weight Loos.It is not harsh on your body.If your goal is to maintain your weight and stay in shape,Jogging can be your best bet,but if your diet is unhealthy,all will go to a waste and you may never end up seeing any better results.
Jogging is the best way to start your fitness routine,just 30 minutes of jogging can do so much for your body.At the very beginning you may start by a light 15-20 minute jog and gradually increase the pace or the duration.After two or three weeks you are prepped to take up your first run.Start with half a kilometer and play around with your pace,distance or the duration.All in all,it has to be progressive,consistent and teamed with a balanced diet.
As mentioned above,Jogging is harder on your soles,which makes it imperative to jog on softer track,preferably on mud tracks.Avoid concrete tracks completely.30 minutes of jogging on treadmill is fine,not beyond that.Jogging builds up stamina and helps with your endurance level,if you seek better results keep a watch on your diet and aim to increase your distance by 10% every week.If you jog for longer distance you can even start increasing your pace.


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