Tips To Control High Blood Pressure Immediately :

Workout in a fitness gymHigh Blood Pressure is a dangerous health condition since it does not show symptoms but it can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes if it left untreated.The risk factors of high blood pressure include lake of exercise,smocking and overweight.Exercising with right routine and correct intensity can help in keeping high blood pressure under control.
                            Exercise Tips for High Blood Pressure :
[a] YOGA :- Yoga helps in reducing blood pressure.It has many health benefits like Knee Pain,Ovary Syndrome and Polycystic diseases.Breathing exercises in Yoga and Meditation can help control high blood pressure.
[b] MODERATE LEVEL EXERCISE :- The patient with high blood pressure need to follow the right exercise regime in order to keep blood pressure under control.Regular exercise of minimum of 30 minutes can help in keeping blood pressure under control.It is very very important to build up Stamina gradually and get in to extremes of exercising.
[c] ISOMETRIC EXERCISES :- These are strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.They done in static positions rather than being dynamic through a range of motion.Doing these exercises which involve gripping a device which gives resistance with hand,can be helpful in reducing high blood pressure.Other exercises like Cycling,Dancing,Jogging,Climbing Stairs and swimming are commonly believed to be beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.Moreover active sports like basketball or tennis and household chores such as scrubbing the floor,gardening etc are helpful for controlling high blood pressure.
[d] RESISTANCE TRAINING :- Strength Training is helpful in reducing high blood pressure.It around twice or thrice in a week can help in lowering blood pressure.Avoid Lifting too Heavy Weights or doing exercises which require constant change of position.
Regular exercises can help to maintain a healthy weight which is an effective way of keeping blood pressure under control.It is only 1-3 months that regular exercise will show an effect on blood pressure.These benefits long for as long are regular with exercising routine.

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