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   Horseradish originated in south-eastern Europe and eventually spread all over the world,which is a popular condiment ,its tastes hot though it doesn't have a lingering aftertaste.Research has revealed quite a number of interesting facts about this root.It has a number of health benefits,these are as following :- IMPRESSIVE HEALTH BENEFITS OF HORSERADISH :- 1. Antioxidant Powerhouse :- The antioxidant containing in horseradish protect the body from mutagens that otherwise inflict grave harm.Research shows how horseradish can decrease DNA damage caused by oxidative stress. 2.It Helps Combat Cancer :- The cancer fighting enzymes are found in horseradish and this can prove beneficial to patients combating cancer.There are other preliminary studies that state how horseradish can induce cell death in the case of colon cancer.All of this only accentuates the possibility of Glucosinolates being used as a potential cancer cure. 3. Enhances Digestion :- The enzymes in the root ca

Legs-Up The Wall,Its Health Benefits :

    This is a marvelous Yoga position that helps in calming,relaxing both body and mind which is known as inverted action,[Viparita Karani]. What is it and how to do? To perform this yoga pose,lie on back and put legs together,then start moving hips as close as possible to the wall and extend legs up the wall,ensure that your body is in an 'L'shaped position. LEGS-UP THE WALL AND ITS HEALTH BENEFITS :-If you trying this yoga position then you achieve the following benefits as following :- 1. SOOTHE TIRED LEGS :- If you are in pain in legs,or swelling,hanging out the legs up the wall may be very effective in soothing the pain and swelling.It is especially helpful if your legs are tired after a long flight or in pain after staying in one position for a long time. 2. FEEL CALMER :- You will notice that it will quieten your mind,once you start performing this posture.This yoga pose relaxes body by focusing on deep breathing,which in turn helps to lower stress and a

Effective Exercises For Belly Fat Fighters :

The tummy flab is the hardest also very difficult to get rid of,unlike other body fat.The struggle may be quite exhausting.To get rid of the belly fat,you may try 5 truly effective and powerful exercises.These are as follows :- 1. LEG LIFTS :- Leg lifts work slowly and easiest,simplest workouts to do.At first you might not feel much effect but when you do and pace up speed,the belly fat will start to burn and provide you the expecting shape.                                                                 2. CRUNCHES :- These are the most effective exercises for anybody who are looking to lose weight.It can be performed in different forms,including side and butterfly position.Along with cardio,it helps build resistance in abdomen and target the stored up fat in the stomach area.                                                     3. SIDE PLANK :- Side plank makes use the body's core strength,instead of the traditional plank exercises which use the support of all four l

The Important Ingredients That Will Stop Inflammation In Its Tracks :

Inflammation is an essential and normal defence mechanism which protects us from infection,helps to repair damaged tissue and restore balance to our body. The faulty inflammatory response can result in a chronic,low grade inflammation which is associated with diseases like diabetes,cancer,heart problem,arthritis etc.These can develop for a multitude of reasons,including poor diet,lack of sleep and stress,low physical activity and smoking.But thankful to these anti-inflammatory natural ingredients as Pineapple,Dark leafy greens,Oily fish,Berries and Rosehips which will stop inflammation in its tracks. 1. PINEAPPLE :- Pineapples have long been used as a medicinal plant in around the world.It contain an anti-inflammatory compound called bromelain that has been used clinically as an anti-inflammatory agent in arthritis,colonic inflammation,chronic pain,soft tissue injuries and asthma.It may promote healthy glowing skin.You may try making an anti-inflammatory shot with the sweet fru

The Homemade Powder Which Can Boost Immunity :

The immune system defends     against disease causing microorganisms and thus saves from getting sick,but sometimes immune system fails,letting an unwanted bacteria sneak in body which make one sick. You can change this simply by doing things which can boost immunity.Strong immunity is everything when it comes to prevention and healing. According to nutritionists you can make one kind of powder at home and store it in an airtight container and consume it everyday.For this you should have some ingredients like, [a] 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder [b] 7 tablespoon of fennel seeds, [c] 2 tablespoon of black pepper whole, [d] 7 tablespoon of organic turmeric powder, [e] 2 tablespoon of dry ginger powder, [f] 4 tablespoon of coriander seeds, [g] 3 tablespoon of cardamom powder, [h] 4 tablespoon of cumin seeds, After taking these ingredients,Roast all these on a low flame except ginger and turmeric powder.Now cool all the roasted spices and grind them together,and add g

Best Exercises For Arthritis Which Helps Ease Its Pain And Stiffness :

EXERCISE is VITAL :-Exercise can help to improve health and fitness without hurting joints with current treatment program.It can 1. Strengthen the muscles around joints. 2. Help to maintain bone strength. 3. Provide more energy to get through the day. 4. Help to control weight. 5. Make it easier to get a good sleep at night 6.Enhance the quality of life and 7. It improve body and mind balance.                                    EXERCISES FOR ARTHRITIS : Doctors or physical therapists may recommend exercises like Aerobic,Strengthening,Range of motion and other activities. [a] Aerobic Exercises :- These exercises help overall fitness.They can improve cardiovascular health which help to control weight and provide more stamina and energy.Low-impact aerobic exercises that are easier on joints include walking,bicycling,swimming and using an elliptical machine.Try to work way up to 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercises per week. Moderate intensity aerobic exercis