Weight.    Dieting may be difficult to sustain and may have a negative impact on body which can lead slower down the system of metabolism,can lead to food cravings and an increased appetite,digestive problems like bloating and constipation,bone loss,can also cause headaches.Here are some simple lifestyle changes with regular exercise can help to lose weight ,these are as below :-
1. PROTEIN RICH DIET :- Proteins contain essential amino acids which beneficial for muscle strength and tissue repair.They curb the hunger pangs and prevent to overeat in the next meal.Milk,chicken,cottage cheese,nuts and eggs are some protein rich foods which should include in diet.
    2. CHEW FOODS SLOWLY :- Chewing foods slowly helps a lot to lose weight really.It can help feel full for longer with fewer calories.This is a simple way to lose weight and keep it forever.So we must imagine the importance of the way we eat food.
3. USE OF WATER :- Drinking water like adequate water throughout the day is beneficial for weight loss.Try to sipping in water and other fluids throughout the day .But ensure that these fluids should not include energy drinks and other sweetened beverages.Use to drink water right before the meals may help you eat fewer calories.
Woman Drinking Water    4. FIBER RICH DIET :- It is automatically linked to weight loss as it keeps satiated for a long time.Fiber is particularly helpful in reducing the appetite and food intake.Fiber aids in the process of digestion.Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber.
Vegetable Lot    5. AVOID PROCESSED FOOD AND SUGARY DRINKS :- Packaged and sweetened beverages have been linked to weight gain.So these foods are loaded with preservatives and added sugar with no nutritional value.That is why it should be limited.
Group of People Doing Cheers    6. SLEEP WELL :- Try to sleep well at about 6-8 hours a day and manage stress levels.Poor sleep and excess stress may create imbalance between several important appetite regulating hormones.This in turn leads to overeating.

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