Fitness man and woman exercising squat exercise hands behind It is hard to find time to go the gym and workout for an hour due to busy schedules.Here the way which no need a lot of space and time to do this exercise and will helpful for total body workout within only 10 minutes,declared by fitness expert.These are as following :-
1.HIGH KNEE JUMPS :- For this easy exercise,stand straight with your feet hip-width apart,place your palms in front of you,hovering just over your belly button.and start bringing your knees up alternatively so as to touch them with your palms with about 50 reps as quickly as you can.
2. WIDE AND NARROW SQUAT :- Stand straight with your feet and fist clasped,bend down the way you would in a normal squat and when you get up,rise with your right leg a little wide apart and bend down again.Then come back to the first position to do this on the other side,repeat it 30 reps.
3. ALTERNATE TOE TOUCH :- To perform this,stand straight with your feet apart and hands straight out on both the side,bend and touch your left feet with your right hand and come up.Then touch right feet with left hand with repeat of 30 reps.
4. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS :- Get on your fours with back and legs straight,hands right below your shoulders,start moving legs the way you did in high knee jumps,with repeat of 50 reps.
5. BEAR CRAWLS :- Get down on your fours with your arms straight,exactly like you would in a downward dog position,start crawling forward with your feet at the same place and hands moving forward one by one.Then come back to the first pose and repeat 10 times.
6. PLANK JACKS :- Take the plank position with your elbows on the ground,open your legs wide apart with a jump and close them with speed and repeat it 20 reps.
7. FLUTTER KICKS :- To perform this lie down on the floor with your back straight and hands by your side,lift your neck,shoulders and head a little up the way.Start moving your legs alternatively as high as you can.Repeat it at about 25 reps.
8. CRUNCHES :- Lie down on your back with your back straight and hands by your side,take your legs straight up and bend them from the knees making a 90-degree angle,clasp your hands behind your head and curl up come forward so that your neck,head and shoulders lift off the floor.Gently pull your abdomen inward.Hold on at the top and get back gently on the floor with repeat of 25 reps.
People doing sit ups in gym

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