Woman Wearing Brown Sequin Dress Laying on the Bed    Getting up before the sun has many perks,that is why Benjamin Franklin told,THE EARLY MORNING HAS GOLD IN ITS MOUTH,means long dawn.The reasons which will convince you to get up early in the morning are as follows :-
         1.BRIGHTER WORLD :-  Getting up early in the morning insists you with positivity.Research has suggested that people who got up early in the morning were happier,not just for a short duration but overall in life.
2. BIGGER SCORES :- Students who were early risers scored better grades than those who were late to rise.Their GPAs were higher than the latter.One can link it to an enhanced productivity and quality of sleep.
3. MORE PRODUCTIVITY :- Early rising gives a kick start for the day ahead and allowing more hours for work,it also boosts speed.When a man gets up early,he is more time to do a task that would take more time otherwise.He is also more adept in taking better decisions,planning and achieving goals.
4. REDUCES STRESS LEVEL:- The very significant benefit of early rising is reduced stress level.When you get up early,it eliminates the need to rush in the morning.You can then start your journey of the day on an optimistic note and such positivity often stays with you throughout the day.
5. BETTER SLEEP QUALITY :- EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE.The early risers go to bed early.Getting up early is not something that should be followed irregularly but it needs to be established as a routine in life.This translates in to better sleep quality clock adapts to your new sleep routine.

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