The Surprising Exercises That Burn Maximum Calories In Minimum Time :

Group of People Doing Marathon    The study of the Center for Disease Control declared that 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity is important for a person to even Maintain The Weight That You Are Currently In.No doubt you may mix the two and aim at creating a balance between the two.Here are the exercises that can burn maximum calories in minimum time as follows :-
1. RUNNING AND CYCLING :- Both of these can help in burning lots of calories.If you are running on a treadmill or cycling on a cycle at the gym,make sure that you do it suitable speed and resistance to be able to help you burn calories.
2. SWIMMING :- It helps the people with knee troubles can resort to swimming for burning calories and weight loss.Slow freestyle laps for around half an hour can burn as much as 255 calories in one session.The breaststroke or butterfly stroke can burn over 400 calories in half an hour.
Person Swimming in Body of Water
3. CROSS FIT WORKOUT :- It involves different routines everyday in order to maximise the number of calories burn in a day.Here includes both aerobic as well as weightlifting.It is a highly effective fitness regimen for weight loss.

Woman Weight Lifting
4. ZUMBA AND AEROBICS :- Zumba and aerobics are essentially dance-based workouts that can help in burning around 250 calories or more in a span of half an hour or more.

Men and ladies dancing zumba
5. MARTIAL ARTS :- It is just like a form of training which can improve overall fitness and help in burning lots of calories.In fact it is quite an exciting and empowering form of fitness.
6.POWER YOGA :- This yoga is done at a comparatively faster pace and can help in burning calories for weight loss instead of traditional yoga.It includes more demanding yoga in more number of reps to be done at a faster pace.

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