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The Most Effective Exercise That Relieve Neck Pain : ;

                                                                      NECK PAIN is a very common problems associate with muscles.The neck muscles are under constant strain especially in desk jobs where people need to sit in the same position for long hours focusing on computer screen.The other cause for neck pain could be a lousy posture,where the spine gets bent.This puts strain on the neck muscles.When studying for long hours at a stretch with inadequate back support and a bent neck is another disastrous habit.Weakened muscles of the lower back is the cause of neck pain.To avoid neck pain,it is crucial to STRENGTHEN THE LOWER BACK muscles and then target the neck muscles.Sometimes sleeping position plays a role for neck pain.If the sleeping position is wrong by a high pillow which is a dominant factor responsible for neck pain,sleeping on stomach is a killer.The ideal way of sleep is on back or on one side of the body.                     EXERCISES WHICH HELPS TO GET RID OF THE NEC

Breathing Techniques To Relieve Stress Or Anxiety:

                                       Breathing the correct way has innumerable health benefits. TRY 4-7-8 BREATHING TECHNIQUE TO RELIEVE STRESS. It prevents from catching diseases,improves posture and reduces inflammation in the body.Deep breathing helps in more ways to good health. According to study,deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress and anxiety levels.That is why when you breath deeply,it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.Deep breathing makes your body feel like it is already relaxed.                               THE POWERFUL BREATHING METHOD : When you breathe you need to count till 8,where you have to breathe in till the count of 4,hold your breathe till the count of 7,and then breathe out at the count of 8 again.The most useful part is that you can do it anytime,anywhere without any equipment.which is very simple Moreover deep breathing has many other health benefits,these are mentioned as below :- [A] Deep breathing

Do You Want A Slimmer Nose?Do These Simple Exercise At Home :

There are safe and natural ways to get a Slimmer nose through simple exercises not about 20-30 minutes of cardio at gym,but rather various nose-shaping exercises that can do at home to gradually alter the appearance of standout feature. Here are some highlight how to get a slimmer nose without surgery or sweating.These are as following :- 1. SHORTEN :- To do this exercise grasp the bridge of nose by thumb and index finger.Use the other index finger to push the tip of the nose upwards.Then pull upper lip down and release to exert pressure downwards against index finger.Do this 10 times and then relax. 2. SLIM DOWN :- To perform it make an 'O' shape with mouth and using index fingers,gently push nostrils halfway so that you can still breathe through nose.Look up at the ceiling and breathe out through your nose while flaring your nostrils.To see best results repeat it multiple times in a day. 3. SHARPEN :- In this exercise you should have to smile and push the tip of

The Super Food For Hypertension And Weigh Loss :

High BP?Here is the way to manage Hypertension by eating Flaxseeds Daily.It is known as to keep blood glucose and cholesterol levels in check,moreover it is also known for its weight loss boosting ingredient.It keeps the heart healthy.Eating Flaxseeds along with a healthy diet helped lower both diastolic and systolic pressure in participants.                    FLAXSEEDS FOR HYPERTENSION :- These are high in potassium,100 grams of flaxseeds contain 813 mg of potassium,which helps negate the ill-effects of sodium.Excess sodium disturbs the water balance and exerts pressure on blood vessels which can shoot up blood pressure levels.Potassium acts as a vasodilator and eliminates extra sodium through urine.Flaxseeds are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber which is crucial to support heart health.Fiber helps protect the layer of cells lining the blood vessels,which helps keep blood pressure levels in check. Flaxseeds contain alpha-linolenic acid and lignans which are be


                                                                                Running is the great way to stay in shape,pounding the pavement,treadmill provides tip-top healthy heart including many bodily benefits.                           HOW TO START RUNNING : According to study of cardiology that people who ran just only 30-60 minutes a week just a few minutes each day decreased the risk of cardiovascular death by 58% when compared to those who do not run at all.So there is no need to go out to run 30 miles a week in order to to help your heart.Whenever a seemingly fit runner has a cardiac event while running,it makes the news and strokes rumors that running is to blame.The fear of damaging a healthy heart or finding out too late about a previously undiscovered heart condition,can be enough to make a would be runner shy away from the sport,but what are the real odds of experiencing cardiac trouble while running. While there is EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST  that your likel

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Crawling :

If you want to get fit START CRAWLING. It makes for a superb co-ordinated workout that builds strength and it is easy to do,anyone can do it.                                   The Reasons Why We Should Crawling : There are several reasons for crawling,these are as following :- 1. BUILDS MENTAL SHARPNESS :- Crawling sends messages to the mind to balance body weight on either side as the weight shifts.Thus it brings about better mind body coordination.Moreover it challenges the neurological system. 2. WITHOUT EQUIPMENT :- It is a body weight based workout that challenges the body without using any equipment which can be done anywhere. 3. ENGAGES THE CORE :- Crawling engages the core and it is very safe.The spine is not stressed neither is the neck cervical.In order to stay upright like entire core unit.In doing so you can improve your alignment and also the shoulder and hip girdle. 4. GREAT FOR FLEXIBILITY AND TONING :- The primary movements bring all those forgotten muscles i


 Grapes are one of the most nutritious foods containing carbohydrates,potassium,Vitamin A,C,iron,Vitamin B6,calcium,protein and magnesium.These tiny flavor packed fruits pack a giant punch.So regular using grapes might help in your overall body health.These are in bunches grow on vines,green purple,red,all shapes of round and delicious.                             GRAPES AND ITS HEALTH BENEFITS :                 There are number of health benefits,some of these are as following :- 1. ENERGY BOOSTING FRUITS :- These fruits contain carbohydrates,particular cellulose,which is a NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER.Pop a handful of grapes in your mouth and you will have instant energy.Due to the high fiber content in grapes they are slower to metabolize,giving longer lasting energy. 2. GRAPES PROVIDE HEALTHY HEART :- Grapes loaded with Antioxidants which are linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.Moreover it contains polyphenols which are also associated with decreased risk for card