Breathing Techniques To Relieve Stress Or Anxiety:

Young man meditating                                       Breathing the correct way has innumerable health benefits.TRY 4-7-8 BREATHING TECHNIQUE TO RELIEVE STRESS.It prevents from catching diseases,improves posture and reduces inflammation in the body.Deep breathing helps in more ways to good health.
According to study,deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress and anxiety levels.That is why when you breath deeply,it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.Deep breathing makes your body feel like it is already relaxed.
                              THE POWERFUL BREATHING METHOD :
When you breathe you need to count till 8,where you have to breathe in till the count of 4,hold your breathe till the count of 7,and then breathe out at the count of 8 again.The most useful part is that you can do it anytime,anywhere without any equipment.which is very simple
Moreover deep breathing has many other health benefits,these are mentioned as below :-
[A] Deep breathing makes you look younger by improving skin.
[B] It increases energy level.
[C] Deep breathing improves mental state.
[D] Deep breathing improves the respiratory system.
[E] Deep breathing improves the cardiovascular system.
[F] Deep breathing calms down nervous system.
[G] Deep breathing reduces muscle tension.
[H] It strengthens the lymphatic system.
For these innumerable health benefits SIT BACK,RELAX AND DEEP BREATHE............

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