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The Most Important Yoga That Cure Diabetes :

Diabetes is a multi factorial disorder.It is resulting from lack of regular exercise,inappropriate food habits that means modern lifestyle.It is of two types,Type 1,where there is no production of insulin and Type 2,where the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Diabetes can be cure by 'YOGIC PRACTICES'.So include Yoga to the daily routine and beat diabetes. Here are the 6 most beneficial and specific Asanas to tackle diabetes better as following :- 1. Lying Down Body Twist [Supta Matsyendrasana] :- It massages the internal organs and improves digestion.This posture exerts pressure on the abdominal organs,so it is very helpful yoga posture for diabetics.                                   2. Skull Shining Breathing Technique [Kapal Bhati]:-                                                                                   It helps energize the nervous system and rejuvenates brain cells,so it is very helpful for diabetics,as it stimulates abdominal organs,als

The Amazing Slim Stomach Workout For Summer :

                                      Do you want slim stomach?If yes,then you get that goal simply by following a healthy diet and a regular routine of comfortable exercise which you can do everywhere.The workout which make you slim stomach are like these :- 1. FOREARM SPIDER PLANK :- To perform this,start on floor in forearm plank position,body balancing on forearms and toes,palms flat.Keep hips level and bend right knee out to side toward right triceps,return to plank.Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 rep.Do this 8-10 reps. 2. Bodyweight Single-Leg Stretch :- To do this lie face up on floor with arms by sides,curl head and shoulders off floor,then raise extended arms and legs at a 45 degree angle to start,keeping upper body lifted throughout,bring right knee toward chest and reach right hand outside of right ankle and left hand inside of right knee.Switch sides and repeat to complete 1 rep,repeat it 8-10 reps. 3. Sit Back Twist :- Sit on floor holding 5 pound of dumbbel


                                                                                                HIGH KNEE JUMP,is strengthening exercise for the legs and core will give a more flattering shape also help with overall stability,even correcting posture.It burn more Calories,up the Heart Rate and Tone Legs With 1 Move.                                                                                             High knee exercises work your calves,hamstrings,quads,abdominal muscles and shins.Here more than one muscle is being worked at the same time,thus you will burn more calories than if you are just doing an isolation exercise such as hamstring curls or crunches.Before this high knee jump a minimum of 5 minutes warm up to ready your muscles and that can run or march in place,along with performing a few dynamic stretches such as toe touches,side bends and a few foot grabs to stretch the quads. After warm up stand up straight,place your feet about hip-width apart,place your hands


                                                                      CORN is a GRAIN though it is usually known as VEGETABLE which contains Antioxidants,Vitamins,Minerals and rich in Fiber.Corn has many colors such as yellow,orange,purple,red,white and blue even black.The kernels of the seeds of corn hold the majority of nutrients and are the most consumed parts.                                     CORN AND ITS HEALTH BENEFITS :- Corn has many health benefits as mentioned below :- 1.ENERGY BOOSTER :- Corn contains complex carbohydrate which gets digested at a slower pace,which in turn provides energy for a longer duration of time.One cup corn yields around 29 grams of carbs which provides physical Energy and ensures proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. 2. GOOD FOR ANEMIA :- Corn contains Vitamin B-12.Iron and folic acid that helps in the production of red blood cells in the body,thus reduces the risk of Anemia,by supplying enough of the nutrients required to p

Most Amazing Brain Exercises That Improve Memory,Performances And Memory :

                                                                             Brain is a fascinating organ,which contains billions of nerves.This is very very good to put your brain a test every once in a while,because the brain is an extremely smart organ capable of carrying out various tasks.The more you challenge it,the more it will learn and evolve,and as such will stay active.So to keep the brain more and more active here are some most effective exercises which help to stay active as follows :- 1.COOKING :- It is a skill which makes use of all senses to be able to create that perfect dish,sight,smell,touch,sound and taste.Try different recipes and cuisines and try to play around with unfamiliar ingredients,this way you will improve attention as well. 2. GAME :- The memory game used to play as children is an excellent brain exercise.The stack of cards with pairs of cars,buses,vegetables,fruits and all sorts of objects that were shuffled and arranged in neat rows and to matc