Most Amazing Brain Exercises That Improve Memory,Performances And Memory :

Brain Activity                                                                             Brain is a fascinating organ,which contains billions of nerves.This is very very good to put your brain a test every once in a while,because the brain is an extremely smart organ capable of carrying out various tasks.The more you challenge it,the more it will learn and evolve,and as such will stay active.So to keep the brain more and more active here are some most effective exercises which help to stay active as follows :-
1.COOKING :- It is a skill which makes use of all senses to be able to create that perfect dish,sight,smell,touch,sound and taste.Try different recipes and cuisines and try to play around with unfamiliar ingredients,this way you will improve attention as well.
2. GAME :- The memory game used to play as children is an excellent brain exercise.The stack of cards with pairs of cars,buses,vegetables,fruits and all sorts of objects that were shuffled and arranged in neat rows and to match the pairs solely through the power of our memory.There is another ease game is to pay close attention to your surroundings on your way to or back from work and then draw out your way map of the route with all that you remember of seeing and check it out the next day.
3. ARITHMETIC :- It is an excellent exercise of brain,though majority of people hate maths.You need not to add up big numbers within seconds or multiply three digit numbers ,but partake in simple maths and challenge yourself as you progress.Back to basics and start with counting tables,then do the series of squares and cubes.
4. TRAINING GAMES :- Sudoku is a marvelous brain training game and Minesweeper game.This is digital world,that is why let's use technology.There will be a number of websites that will pop up with an extensive range of games where you can start playing by signing in to any website.As simple as that.Most of them are formulated in such a manner to train your cognitive skills,attention,memory,mental flexibility,speed and emotional intelligence.
5. PUZZLE TIME :- If you like solving puzzles,you just about warming up to the thought,then go the easy way.First try your hands at jigsaw puzzles.It is a good exercise for the brain because it helps in refining your hand eye coordination and it is a lot of fun too.
6. HAPPINESS IS THE KEY :- Unhappy emotions can fog you mind,fear self-pity,depression,grief,envy,restlessness,hatred,anxiety,with this mist overhanging your mind senses can get dulled to the point where you are not registering even your immediate environment or experiences.It is therefore essential to stay happy,which also helps boost your brain to perform better.Release those happy hormones by working out,trekking,dancing and meditating or anything that makes you happy.
7. FUN WITH WORDS :- Things,Name,Animal,Place this would definitely rank high as one of the all time favourite games.It increase knowledge and sharpen your memory.Scrabbles is a great exercise .Another popular way to remember words is by Mnemonics,a practice where you try to connect a group of words by phrases to remember them better.Try to challenge yourself to remember all the names of the rivers in your state,the city names,capitals of different countries using mnemonics.

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