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The Best 4 Effective Simple Balance and Proprioception Exercises to Boost Confidence :

                                                                                                              Proprioception is known as one's ability to know about the movement of own body part without having to look at it.When somebody climb stairs or take a walk do not look at the floor,because he or she has the ability to know where his or her body part is going without looking at it constantly.Any one can improve proprioceptive skils by practicing exercises which can help in preventing injuries to the body by making it adaptable to the changing environment.These exercises are as follows :- 1. Squat Jump :- To perform it stand straight with knees slightly bent,keep your feet apart and squat down until your Thighs are parallel to the floor.Then immediately take a jump upwards reaching as high as possible and come back in the starting position and repeat it process 5-6 reps.                                       2.    Table Top :- In this exercise use a mat to avoid injur

Exercises that increase flexibility and mobility :

                                        Flexibility is a vital component of physical fitness,which is often overlook.Maintaining muscles is important for keeping everyday activities easy and doable helping to prevent injury such as Back Pain and for allowing joints to work optimally,move through their greatest range of movement. There are a number of ways to improve flexibility,from effective stretches that you can do as part of an easy to follow home routine,to more structured flexibility workouts such as a yoga class.                                            Ways To Improve Flexibility : 1. Warm up dynamic ;- Moves that recruit multiple muscle groups such as directional lunges,bridges with an arm extension and high knee skip will help to improve mobility both during and after workout. 2. Yoga :- This is the top of the list when it comes to flexibility.Try the pose of Downward Facing Dog,Child pose,Kneeling hip flexor stretch,Doorway chest stretch,etc.These will help to mus

Moringa Or Drumstick Its Health Benefits :

                                       Story summary :- * Prevents diabetes *Protects heart *Reduces cholesterol levels *Regulate high blood pressure levels *Reduces hypertension *Protects liver *Good for brain *Treats asthma *Boosts digestive function *Good for kidneys *Strengthens bones and teeth *Prevents stone formation.                              Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits..Lets take a look at some of their benefits :- 1. Strengthens Bones :- Moringa,drumsticks are rich in two vital nutrients that are essential to bone health,keeping osteoporosis and osteoarthritis at bay.Calcium and iron are both minerals that are known to enhance the quality of your bones.Consuming an adequate amount of drumsticks can really help with that. 2. Controls Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar :- Its vital nutrients help lower blood sugar levels when consumed regularly also controls blood pressure and promote heart health b

Want To Loose Weight?Do These 10 Best Aerobic Exercises For Better Result :

                                       Story High Lights :- Aerobic exercise is a physical activity which will make sweat.It is known as "Cardio" by definition,aerobic means "with oxygen"where breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities.It includes brisk walking,swimming,running,cycling etc.Aerobic exercise helps to cardiovascular health and deliver oxygen to the body more efficiently which leads to weight loss.                                           AEROBIC EXERCISE FOR WEIGHT LOSS :-Here are the top best aerobic exercises for weight loss which can be done by you anywhere easily to lose weight quickly : 1. Walking :- To perform it you need not a place to go or pay for expensive classes to get your sweat flowing.It is easy and free.Just get your walking shoes on and you are ready to flow your sweat. 2. Cycling :- Cycling is easy and effective to follow.It is vigorous exercise to get your blood pumping.If you have no time to join the g

The Pull-Up Exercise,Its Benefits :

    The Pull-Up is an upper body compound pulling exercise,it can be performed with any grip,at present time some have used the term to refer more specifically to a pull-up performed with a palms forward position.It is the one exercise every man needs in life..Pull-Up is the ultimate body-weight exercise,one can transform torso whatever the current standard of chassis.There is no need to join gym membership to do it,if you have a single door frame then you are ready to pull-up.                                            BENEFITS OF PULL-UP :- 1. There is no better exercise to your back. 2. Lats,biceps and even your abs than the pull-up. 3. In this exercise a person is working them all at the same time. 4. Pull-Up exercise shaped torso like a V which is very beautiful to look.                                            Pull-Up Its preparation :- Work your way up to the pull-up slowly,rather than try to drive straight in and risk injury.Ideally your gym will have an a

Green Tea The Harmful Abdominal Fat Burner :

                                          High amounts of visceral fat,means belly fat are associated with inflammation and insulin resistance,both of which are strongly linked to several serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.Studies on Green tea catechins show that although the weight loss effects are modest,a significant percentage of fat lost is harmful visceral fat.Green tea reduce the risk of many major diseases down the line,which may lead to a Longer And Healthier Life.                      Though Green tea extract can cause a modest increase in metabolic rate and fat burning,its effects are modest when it comes to actual pounds lost.Every little bit adds up and it may work even better when combined with other effective weight loss strategies like Cutting Curbs and Eating More Protein.Benefits of Green tea extend beyond weight loss,it is healthy for various other reasons.Most studies have examined Green tea extracts or supplements containing isolated

Sugarcane Juice Its Amazing Health Benefits :

                                                                India is the leading producers of Sugarcane in the whole world.A big glass of fresh Sugarcane juice is yummy and highly refreshing.It is a super fluid which could up health levels a notch.Sugarcane can be eaten as is or consumed in the form of juice.The juice is not just another drink but one of the healthiest drinks that could lay hands on.Here are a list of health benefits of Sugarcane juice which will put a lot of natural and artificial energy drinks to shame.These are as follows :- 1. Sugarcane Clears Skin :- Juice of Sugarcane have Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are part of the natural constituents and are supposed to have a lot of benefits.They fight acne,prevent aging,reduce blemishes and help in keeping the skin hydrated.Just apply Sugarcane juice to your skin and let it dry or add it to your favorite face mask and scrub and your skin will look radiant and clean. 2. Prevent Cancer :- Sugarcane juice is alkaline

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Leaf And Fruits :

                                                                      Guava leaves are full of antioxidants,containing with antibacterial properties and are used medically to cure illness.The benefits of guava leaves are plentiful.For centuries people used guava leaves to make powerful guava tea for Weight loss which is not only tasty but also beneficial for the body. Here are the amazing health benefits of Guava Leaves :- 1. Guava Leaf Deals With Diabetes :- Anti-bacterial properties of the guava tea is just one of its medicinal benefits,studies have proven that guava leaf can control sugar absorption,it can help those with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels naturally. 2. Weight Loss :- This is one of the most widely recognized Guava leaves benefits.Guava leaf tea's weight loss ability lies in the fact that it prevents complex carbohydrate  sugars from being able to be converted in to fat.These sugars are notorious for causing weight gain as well as intense hunger,