Exercises that increase flexibility and mobility :

Brunette Short Haired Woman Stretching Arm Overhead in Yoga Pose                                        Flexibility is a vital component of physical fitness,which is often overlook.Maintaining muscles is important for keeping everyday activities easy and doable helping to prevent injury such as Back Pain and for allowing joints to work optimally,move through their greatest range of movement.
There are a number of ways to improve flexibility,from effective stretches that you can do as part of an easy to follow home routine,to more structured flexibility workouts such as a yoga class.
                                           Ways To Improve Flexibility :
1. Warm up dynamic ;- Moves that recruit multiple muscle groups such as directional lunges,bridges with an arm extension and high knee skip will help to improve mobility both during and after workout.
2. Yoga :- This is the top of the list when it comes to flexibility.Try the pose of Downward Facing Dog,Child pose,Kneeling hip flexor stretch,Doorway chest stretch,etc.These will help to muscles tight,and increase flexibility and mobility.
3. Tai chi :- It is dubbed meditation that a fantastic way to relax,the continuous,flowing practice of moving from one posture to another,as wel as the gentle,mobilising  warm up,makes tai chi an excellent method of improving flexibility.
4. Stretching :- Static and dynamic both have their place when it comes to your flexibility.Static stretching,where you hold the stretch,can be helpful in improving range of movement in a joint,but is left to post workout when muscles are warm.Pre workout is a good idea to include movement in your stretches.Rotational lunges,hugging your knee to your chest and arm circles all work well to improve flexibility as you prepare the body for exercise.
5. Dancing :- This dance will provide extensive warm-up and boost flexibility.Using muscles and joints in a variety of ways through this movements ,will also help lengthen them out.
6. Pilates :- The main focus of Pilates is the core,moves such as the Saw,Spine Stretch and Neck Pull all help to improve flexibility everywhere from inner things and hips to upper back and neck.There is also a strong focus on posture in pilates which can help to prevent muscles from becoming overworked and over tight in the first place.

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