Sugarcane Juice Its Amazing Health Benefits :

Piece of sugarcane with sugar                                                                India is the leading producers of Sugarcane in the whole world.A big glass of fresh Sugarcane juice is yummy and highly refreshing.It is a super fluid which could up health levels a notch.Sugarcane can be eaten as is or consumed in the form of juice.The juice is not just another drink but one of the healthiest drinks that could lay hands on.Here are a list of health benefits of Sugarcane juice which will put a lot of natural and artificial energy drinks to shame.These are as follows :-
1. Sugarcane Clears Skin :- Juice of Sugarcane have Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are part of the natural constituents and are supposed to have a lot of benefits.They fight acne,prevent aging,reduce blemishes and help in keeping the skin hydrated.Just apply Sugarcane juice to your skin and let it dry or add it to your favorite face mask and scrub and your skin will look radiant and clean.
2. Prevent Cancer :- Sugarcane juice is alkaline in nature because of the high concentration of Calcium,Potassium,Magnesium,Manganese and Iron,which helps prevent diseases like Cancer,that can not survive in an alkaline environment.Thus it helps in fighting various types of Cancer such as prostate and breast Cancer.
3. Good For Diabetics :- Sugarcane is sweet in taste and is full of natural sweeteners,which have a low gylcemic index,hence it works very well for diabetic patients.
4. Develops Digestion :- Due to its high Potassium level it is good for the well-being of the digestive system.It helps in keeping the digestive system in good shape,prevents stomach infections and is considered to be particularly useful in treating the problem of constipation.
5. Weight Loss :- Sugarcane juice reduces the bad cholesterol levels in the body and has natural sugars,it is high in reducing weight.It is high in soluble fiber which aids in shedding weight.
6. Prevents Heart Disease :- Sugarcane juice prevents heart diseases and stroke as it helps decrease the levels of unhealthy or cholesterol and triglycerides.

Sugarcane field and cloudy sky

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