The Best 4 Effective Simple Balance and Proprioception Exercises to Boost Confidence :

Woman Balancing With Right Foot                                                                                                              Proprioception is known as one's ability to know about the movement of own body part without having to look at it.When somebody climb stairs or take a walk do not look at the floor,because he or she has the ability to know where his or her body part is going without looking at it constantly.Any one can improve proprioceptive skils by practicing exercises which can help in preventing injuries to the body by making it adaptable to the changing environment.These exercises are as follows :-

1. Squat Jump :- To perform it stand straight with knees slightly bent,keep your feet apart and squat down until your Thighs are parallel to the floor.Then immediately take a jump upwards reaching as high as possible and come back in the starting position and repeat it process 5-6 reps.
Fitness man and woman exercising squat exercise hands behind                                      2.    Table Top :- In this exercise use a mat to avoid injury.Place your knees and palms on the floor in table-top position,back should be straight and neck parallel to the spine.Continue looking at the floor while you raise right arm and left leg in co-ordination.Try to hold 4-5 seconds and then repeat the steps on the other side.Repeat it 10 times both side.

3. Crossover Walk :- To perform it stand with your feet far apart,keeping arms in alignment with shoulders facing front,walk to your right crossing your left leg over the right then come back to the original position.Repeat it on each leg for 5-6 times.
4. Single Leg :- To do this exercise stand straight and raise your right knees to a 90 degree angle,balance your body in this position for at least 4-5 seconds.Repeat it 5-6 times on each leg alternatively.Try creating balance in your body by not taking any support or leaning against a wall.

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