The Pull-Up Exercise,Its Benefits :

Image result for image of pull-up exercise    The Pull-Up is an upper body compound pulling exercise,it can be performed with any grip,at present time some have used the term to refer more specifically to a pull-up performed with a palms forward position.It is the one exercise every man needs in life..Pull-Up is the ultimate body-weight exercise,one can transform torso whatever the current standard of chassis.There is no need to join gym membership to do it,if you have a single door frame then you are ready to pull-up.
                                           BENEFITS OF PULL-UP :-
1. There is no better exercise to your back.
2. Lats,biceps and even your abs than the pull-up.
3. In this exercise a person is working them all at the same time.
4. Pull-Up exercise shaped torso like a V which is very beautiful to look.
                                           Pull-Up Its preparation :-
Work your way up to the pull-up slowly,rather than try to drive straight in and risk injury.Ideally your gym will have an assisted pull-up machine,which takes some of the weight off.Otherwise lat pull-downs,bicep curls and TRX floor pull-ups are all solid options to help you progress towards the real thing.
                                           When It should Be Done :-
Once you are strong enough,you are it is time to ready go with the wide grip,palms facing in,and you are essentially just working your biceps.Being able to do 10-12 wide grip pull-ups,along with two minutes of plank and being able to bench press your own body weight is a functional and realistic goal that every person can work towards.
No cheating,though your back should be straight and you should aim to bring your chin above the bar.If you start swinging your legs to get there,then you are kipping a most heinous pull-up crime indeed.
                                           Conclusion :-
It may sound obvious,but that extra pounds around your midriff might be what's holding you back from pulling-up.The heavier you are the harder it is to shift your own body weight.So if you are struggling to see results with pull-ups,it may be time cut back on the beers and bread and incorporate some cardio in to your routine.
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