Want To Loose Weight?Do These 10 Best Aerobic Exercises For Better Result :

Aerobics on fitness classes                                       Story High Lights :- Aerobic exercise is a physical activity which will make sweat.It is known as "Cardio" by definition,aerobic means "with oxygen"where breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities.It includes brisk walking,swimming,running,cycling etc.Aerobic exercise helps to cardiovascular health and deliver oxygen to the body more efficiently which leads to weight loss.
                                          AEROBIC EXERCISE FOR WEIGHT LOSS :-Here are the top best aerobic exercises for weight loss which can be done by you anywhere easily to lose weight quickly :
1. Walking :- To perform it you need not a place to go or pay for expensive classes to get your sweat flowing.It is easy and free.Just get your walking shoes on and you are ready to flow your sweat.
2. Cycling :- Cycling is easy and effective to follow.It is vigorous exercise to get your blood pumping.If you have no time to join the gym,then cycling is the answer for you.
3. Dancing :- Dancing is the best to lose weight,which is also a fun.It will be sweating your heart after a session and will also enjoy your weight loss goal.
4. Jogging :- This is a high cardio activity which qualifies as the perfect aerobic exercise.If you want to loose weight then you may jog.
5. Swimming :- It is a whole body workout which will easily qualifies and it tones your arms.legs,waist everything at the same time.This is a great aerobic exercise to shed those extra kilos.
6. Zumba Dance :- It is a derivative of dancing,which is more specifically made for certain body parts and it is great for weight loss.
7. Jumping Jacks :- It is a favorite childhood exercise and it is a great way to get your heart beating in no time.It may be done anywhere and anytime for weight loss.
8. Weight Training :- In this aerobic exercise you need equipment,but at the end result of this very very wonderful.
9. Skipping :- To perform it you need a strong skipping rope and get on with it already which is an exceptional cardiovascular exercise.It can increase your metabolism tremendously which helps to shed extra kilos.
10. Burpees :- This is the hardest and the most successful way to lose weight.Just 10-12 of it can make you lose weight wonderfully.

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  2. Healthy food diet and simple workouts providing the best results in weight loss. Lots of time i am also following simple workouts. Running is best for weight loss.