Amazing health benefits of Quail bird's eggs :

assortment of freckled quail bird eggs                                             The most important health benefits of Quail eggs are like boost energy,improve vision,stimulate growth and repair.It helps to improve metabolism,reduce blood pressure,improve allergy symptoms and prevent chronic diseases.

Quail eggs are a rich source of vitamin B1,B2 and A and good cholesterol.Compared to chicken eggs,Quail eggs have six times more vitamin B1 and fifteen times more B2 vitamin.The protein present in these eggs,is highly nutritious and helps increase immunity.
                Health Benefits Of Quail Eggs :-
1. Balance Cholesterol Levels :- Quail egg has a good amount of beneficial fatty acids,so people enjoy due to their heart boosting effects.Cholesterol is the good form of cholesterol that our body needs to offset the negative effects of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol high density lipoprotein makes up more than 60% of the fat in Quail eggs.But for people with pre-existing cholesterol problems,adding large quantities of these eggs to their diet might not be the best choice,as there are roughly 1.6 grams of saturated fat in each serving and 76 mg of cholesterol.
2. Improve Vision :- Quail eggs contain high level of vitamin A which protect vision.The antioxidant activity of vitamin A can help reduce macular degeneration and prevent the development of cataracts,helping to see better.
3. Reduce Blood Pressure :- Potassium which presence in Quail eggs reduce blood pressure and helps in relieving strain and stress on the arteries and blood vessels.
4. Stimulate Growth ;- Quail eggs provide protein to the diet,which we need for countless processes in our body.Proteins are broken down in to their constituent components and reformed for new cells,tissue,bone ,blood vessels and muscles.The protein punch of these eggs can ensure healthy and normal growth of the body.

5. Prevent Chronic Disease :- Quail eggs possess significant levels of vitamin C and vitamin A ,which can help neutralize free radicals and protect the overall health.
6. Cleanse The Body :- Studies have shown that adding Quail eggs to diet can help eliminate toxins from the bloodstream,as they help to reduce the size of bladder and kidney stones.

Boost Metabolism :- Vitamin B found in Quail eggs results in a boosted metabolic activity throughout the body,including hormonal and enzymatic function.By ensuring smooth bodily processes and organ functions,Quail eggs can be far more than a delicious treat.
8. Treat Allergies :- Quail eggs are in high ovomucoid protein,which acts as a natural anti-allergenic in the body.It helps in congestion,inflammation or other symptoms of allergic reactions.Quail eggs can get your body back to normal.

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