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Impressive Health Benefits Of Onions :

Red Onions                                                   Onions are quite impressive related to health benefits fully loaded with nutrients and powerful compounds that may decrease the risk of heart disease,cancers etc.These have antibacterial properties which promote digestive health and improve immune system.These are versatile and can be used to heighten the flavor of any savory dish.Adding more onions to diet is an easy way to benefit overall health.
                                 Health Benefits Of Onions :
1. Easy to Add to Diet :- These can be easily be added to savory dishes,including guacamole,eggs,backed goods,meat dishes and soups.They can boost intake of fiber,vitamins and minerals.
2. Onions Have Antibacterial Properties :- These can fight potentially dangerous bacteria like Escherchia coli,Pseudomonas,Staphylococcus aureus etc.
3. Control Blood Sugar :- A study in 42 people with type 2 patients that eating 100 grams of fresh red onion reduced fasting blood sugar levels by about 40 mg/dl after 4 hours.Onions contain sulfur and quercetin compounds which help to interact with cells in the small intestine,pancreas,skeletal muscle,fat tissue and liver to control whole body blood sugar regulation.
4. Boost Digestive Health :- Onions are a rich source of pre-biotics which help boost digestive function and improve bacterial balance in gut and benefited immune system.
5. Boost Bone density :- Onions help to reduce oxidative stress,boost antioxidant levels and decrease bone loss,which may prevent osteoporosis and boost bone density.
6. Prevent Cancers :- Adiet rich in Allium vegetables like onions may have a protective effect against certain cancers.Onion also contain fisetin quercetin,flavonoid antioxidants which may inhibit tumor growth.
7. Packed With Nutrients :- Onions are low in calories but high in nutrients containing vitamin C,B and Potassium.Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant in body,protects cells against damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals.Vitamin B roles in metabolism,red blood cell production and nerve system.Normal cellular function,fluid balance,nerve transmission,kidney function and muscle contraction all require Potassium.
8. Loaded With Antioxidants :- Red onions are rich in anthocyanins,which are powerful plant pigments that may protect against heart disease,certain cancers and diabetes.
9. Heart Health :- Research shows that eating onions may help to reduce heart disease risk factors,such as high blood pressure,elevated triglyceride levels and inflammation.
                           Side Effect Of Onions :
[a] Onion is likely safe when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in food or when onion extract is applied to the skin.Onion extract is possibly safe for most people when taken by mouth Taking up to 400 mg of onion extract for 6 weeks seems to be safe.Side effects might include skin irritation or eczema following skin contact with onion,tearing when the eyes are exposed to the aroma of onion and stomach distress or pain after eating onion.


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