Okras Its Surprising Health Benefits :

Close-Up Of Okra On Table : Stock Photo                                                                            Okra is a beautiful natural gifted vegetable containing high levels of vitamin A,B,B 1,B 2 B 6,C,and traces of Zinc and Calcium,make it an ideal vegetable to eat.It also serves as a supplement for fiber and folic acid,promotes Healthy pregnancy.
Okra is known as Lady's Finger,is a green flowering plant and a common everyday vegetable,one of the richest sources of potassium and above mentioned nutrients which benefited in various ways.
           Lady's Finger means Okra Its Health Benefits :-
1. Heart Protection :- Okra contains Fiber that help lower blood cholesterol levels and this invariably contributes to heart health.High fiber okra can cut the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.It has also Pectin,one of the important fibers which modifies bile production within the intestines thereby lowering blood cholesterol levels.It is rich in Magnesium which regulates blood pressure levels protecting the heart by cutting down the risk of stroke.
2. Diabetes Treatment :- Fiber rich foods are suggested for diabetes patients,because of it increased fiber intake has shown to control blood sugar levels and even improve insulin sensitivity,substance that can increase sugar absorption by the body's muscles.When this happens effectively,there are low sugar levels in blood.
3. Skin Health :- Okra contains vitamin A and beta-carotene which can help prevent skin damage and boost skin appearance.Vitamin A fight  wrinkles and fine lines.
4. Cancer Prevention :- Lectin a protein contains in okra which could fight human breast cancer cells,and suppress cancer cell growth by a whopping 63%.Okra is rich in folate,which makes it another essential for cancer prevention.Deficiency of folate can increase the risk of cancers of the breast,pancreas,lungs and cervix.
5. Improves Vision :- As okra particularly rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene nutrients that promote excellent vision.
6. Promotes Digestion :- Dietary fiber helps prevent constipation and promotes regularity,in fact the higher your fiber intake,the less chance of developing Colorectal cancer.It can also keep satiated for a long time thereby contributing to weight loss.
7. Okra Is Important During Pregnancy :- Last but not least,the folate in okra makes the vegetable quite beneficial during pregnancy.Folate has been found to reduce birth defects in babies.Containing vitamin C,a nutrient that boosts iron absorption which is an important mineral during pregnancy as it enhances blood health and promotes the baby's growth and development.It is also required by the growing fetus and placenta and ti increase the maternal red cell mass.

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