The Easy And Simple Exercises Which Relieve Neck Pain :

  Image result for image of neck pain                                                                                          Constant engagement with technology,like sitting infront of a computer or laptop with neck bent down forward puts a lot of unnecessary strain on neck.As a result it can cause a stiff neck and terrible pain originating from neck and going all the way to the back.But you need not worry about it because here are some easy and simple exercises which can help to get rid of the nagging pain easily,which can do it at office chair as well.
                             The exercises that help to relieve neck pain :-
1. Rotate Head :- To perform it,
[a] Sit straight on your chair and keep your back erect
[b] Touch your chin to your collarbone
[c] Slowly roll your chin to-wards your shoulder
[d] Lift your chin upwards to the ceiling
[e] Touch your chin to the opposite shoulder
[f] Slowly bring it back to the centre.
2. Move Neck Sideways :- To do it,
[i]Starting from the centre,slowly move your neck to the left side
[ii] Bring it back to the front
[iii] Move neck to your right,repeat it at least 3-4 times.Make it a point to not move neck with a jerk.
3. Look Up :- This is a most simple way to ease a stiff neck is to slowly look up and down as much as possible,but make sure it point to be gentle with your movements and do not make any sudden movements.
4. Massage The Point :- Relax your shoulders and keep spine erect,slowly stretch your hands and head.Tuck your chin in and relax neck muscles.Then gently reach the throbbing point and massage it slowly.You must not use a lot of pressure while massaging neck,but be gently.If these simple exercises may not able to relieve you,then you should consult a doctor.

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