In This Summer Beat The Heat Following These Ways :

Man Holding Black Bag                                                                                 Summer is just like a season in which contains a number of health problems,it has a number of fun also if you follow the amazing ways of staying cool.You can beat the heat and spend the season comfortably without ailments.As temperatures rise and soon set new highs,summer will bring a range of health risks which could prove to be fatal if you don't take care of.This season brings ailments ranging from viral fever to influenza as well as skin diseases due to the sudden rise in temperature.Suitable exercise and a suitable diet regimen must be followed in preparation of summer to avoid any unforeseen health complications.
1. Light and Healthy Food :- According to Nutritionists in summer season it is recommended for healthy and light eating.The body overworks itself in summer with perspiration and loss of fluids,light eating makes it easier to digest food.Fruits like berries,melons and lots of water keep the body cool,hydrated in summer.
2. Cloth ;- When summer approaches,light cotton clothes with ample ventilation is a must for summer to keep the body healthy.Breathable fabrics like silk,linen and cotton are better suited for the body during summers than synthetics.
3. Infections Preparation :- This season is known as the season of irritable rashes and itches across the body.Many of these develop because of body temperature increase.It is recommended to keep a soothing balm handy,for instant relief from rashes and irritable skin.Other natural remedies that are helpful in summer are mint,camphor oil turpentine oil and nutmeg oil.These are highly effective in the summer season.
4. Expose The Sun ;- Careful exposure to the summer sun can however,be healthy and helpful for the body as sun is the best source for vitamin the morning,when the temperature is relatively bearable,exercise your eat breakfast in the sun to get your daily dose of vitamin D.Extreme summers are known for doctors to advise people to stay indoors.
5. Uninterrupted Sleep :- Plants like mint aloe vera and tulsi have calm and cooling effect that ensuring sound sleep.Hot and humid weather is known to interrupt sleep,affecting productivity and health,while fans and air conditioners have become common across households in summer.

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