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Pineapples                                                      This is just like a fruit which is rich in vitamins,enzymes with anti-oxidants,that contains high amounts of vitamin C and manganese.It is a tropical fruit a good way to get important dietary fiber.It may help boost the immune system,build strong bones and aid indigestion and low in calories.

1. Immunity Booster :- According to research study people who consumed canned pineapple had fewer viral and bacterial infections compared to people who do not consume it.The study also included that eating one or two cans that is 140-280 grams of pineapple daily may reduce the likelihood of an infection or at least shorten its duration.
2. Rich In Vitamin C :- Pineapple is rich in vitamin C that supports the immune system and provides anti-oxidant benefits.One cup of pineapple contains 78.9 mg of vitamin C.It is recommended 75 mg to adult women  and 90 mg for men per day.Vitamin C has important role which encourages growth and healing around the body and plays a role in everything from wound repair to iron absorption.
3. Anti-Inflammatory Diet :- Too much inflammation may lead to many diseases including coronary artery disease,cancer,diabetes,Alzheimer's etc.Pineapple can help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body,because it contains bromelain.

4. Weight Loss :- Although there is not a whole lot of evidence pineapple can lead to weight loss.According to study pineapple juice may help decrease fat formation and increase fat breakdown.
5. Prevent Cancer :- Cancer occurs when abnormal cells in the body multiply and take over the healthy tissue.There is no guaranteed way to prevent cancer,it is suggest eating a healthy diet,idealy one that's high in anti-oxidants,that you can source through pineapple to help fight off free radicals to reduce the risk of cancer.
6. Digestion :- Pineapple contains bromelain which is a mix of enzyme that studies show can reduce inflammation,nasal swelling and aid in the healing of wounds and burns.It is linked to helping improve digestion.It also helps to reduce the effects of Diarrhea.
7. Diseases Fighting Anti-oxidants :- Pineapple is great source of anti-oxidants that may help fight inflammation and free radicals in the body.Free radicals are molecules that can cause cellular damage and lead to health issues,like type 2 diabetes,Alzheimer's,eye problems and heart diseases.Filling up on anti-oxidant rich foods like pineapple can play a role in countering those risks.

8. Promotes Strong Bones ;- Pineapple is one of the top food source of the mineral.A single cup of pineapple contains about 76% of the recommended daily value of manganese,which may help stave off Osteoporosis and helps improve overall bone and mineral density.But be careful not to overdo it,though manganese intake can be dangerous and may increase the risk of cognitive disorders if you consume more than 11 mg per day.


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