Boy Wearing Surgical Mask                                                                        During this time CORONAVIRUS is a very sensitive and global issue.Therefore The World Health Organization just declared the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency.
              The Wuhan coronavirus has killed 427 people and infected more than 20,000.
Now the question is how to avoid or protect it?
1.The Wuhan coronavirus is now found on doorknobs,another reason that washing hands is better than wearing a mask.
2.Experts stress that basic public health measures like washing hands and staying away from sick people are still the best ways to stay healthy.
3.Mask are really only useful when you put them on the people who are already sick.Face masks are flying off shelves around the globe,as people scramble to stop the spread of the virus.
4.Health experts stress that the best way you can stay healthy in this outbreak is cheaper and easier than buying masks.
                             WASH YOUR HANDS;
This is by far the best way to prevent any expelled sputum from the coughing of another person,from entering your body and making you sick.
Nothing beats hand washing when it comes to containing viruses like Wuhan coronavirus.Most of the diseases that to deal with,it would be wash your hands,and teach your children how to wash hands.Most people do not have much of an idea how they really should wash their hands and in fact some people actually try to do it without getting their hands wet.
Regular hand washing can cut the risk of developing a respiratory infection by 16%.Hand washing at any time of the day can help stop the spread of many kinds of bacteria,yeasts and viruses.
The temperature of the water you wash with does not matter much.It's more important that you use soap,lather up vigorously and make sure you clean under the fingernails,too.
It's the frictional movement of your hands that actually gets the bacteria off.

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