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Important Foods And Spices That Boost The Immunity System To Fight Against Coronavirus :

As the Coronavirus outbreak sweeps across the globe,people are stockpiling disinfectant,preparing to self-isolate and cancelling their travel plans to affected countries and while there is no one way to avoid infection entirely,strengthening your immune system with particular food ingredients can go a long way to reduce your risk of contamination. Nutritionists and Health Professionals have shared how antioxidant-rich live bacteria supplements,Garlic,Eggs and Turmeric can help boost your health fast. There are plenty of foods citrus and turmeric that can help boost immune system. Another ingredient is Onion which has Antioxidant-rich foods including berries,garlic are essential for building up the immune system,which fights off viruses.They contain Vitamin C,B and E which help reduce the risk of diseases and help fight off infections. Antioxidant-rich foods,which also include eggplants,pumpkins and carrots,should be eaten at least once a day TURMERIC :-Consuming anti-inflam

Amazing Health Benefits Of Plough Pose [Halasana] :

 HALASANA is a sanskrit word that is "Hala"means Plough and "Asana"means Pose.That is why it is known as Halasana [Plough Pose].In this position,body shows the shape of the plough.This pose gives flexibility to the spine as well as strengthens the back muscles.                           HOW TO DO IT? STEPS of the pose :- 1. Lie on your back,join the legs together,relax the whole body,that is Shavasana position. 2. Keep the palm flat on the ground with normal breathing. 3. While exhaling press the palm on the ground and raise both legs upwards straight then try to touch the ground just behind. 4. Breath slowly and hold the posture for several minutes[1-2 minutes] 5. Now slowly release the pose to return to Shavasana,repeating 3-5 times. HEALTH BENEFITS OF HALASANA [PLOUGH POSE] :- [A]. It improves digestion and appetite. [B]. Effective in weight loss. [C]. Strengthens the abdominal muscles. [D]. Beneficial for diabetic people.Those people should do

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Centella Asiatica [Centella ].

 CENTELLA ASIATICA IT JUST CALLED [CENTELLA ] is rich in amino acids and beta carotene,fatty acids,numerous potent phytochemicals.Extracts have been found to calm inflammation,speed would healing,stimulate new cell growth,build collagen and improve circulation. HEALTH BENEFITS OF CENTELLA :- Latest Anti-Aging Skin Breakthrough : : Centella is An Ancient Herb.A new round of research in to Centella [Gotu Kola ] wound healing and skin rejuvenation properties,this herb has been turning up in a host of new skin treatments. Here is what history and science tells us about why you might want to read ingredient lists to find anti-aging skin treatments to try. A Long History Of Skin Healing :- Few medicinal plants have as long a history as Centella Asiatica,there's evidence it was used even by prehistoric man.Known in Chinese medicine as Gotu Kola,it's listed among the "Miracle Elixirs Of Life "and mentioned in legends as the herb that helped a famous sage live past 2


 Basically Tinospora cordifolia is used for diabetes,high cholesterol,allergic rhinitis[hay fever]upset stomach,gout,lymphoma and other cancers,rheumatoid arthritis,hepatitis,peptic ulcer diseases,fever,gonorrhea,syphilis and to boost the immune system.Hence this Tinospora cordifolia boost the immune system it can PREVENT CORONA VIRUS. IT HAS DIFFERENT NAME like Ambervel,Amrita,Gilo,Giloe,Giloya,Glunchanb,Guduchi,Gulancha,Gulvel,Gurcha,Heart Leaved,Moonseed,Heavenly Elixir,T. Cordifolia,TC,TCRC,TCRET etc. Tinospora Cordifolia is a shrub that is native to India.Its root,stem and leaves are used in Ayurvedic medicine. HOW DOES IT WORK? It contains many different chemicals that might affect the body.It has antioxidants that might increase the activity of the body's immune system.Some chemicals might have activity against cancer cells in test animals.Most research has been done in test tubes or in animals.There is not enough information to know the effects of Tinospora Cordifol