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Wonderful Health Benefits Of Centella Asiatica [Centella ].

Water Pennywort leaves pattern : Stock Photo CENTELLA ASIATICA IT JUST CALLED [CENTELLA ] is rich in amino acids and beta carotene,fatty acids,numerous potent phytochemicals.Extracts have been found to calm inflammation,speed would healing,stimulate new cell growth,build collagen and improve circulation.
Latest Anti-Aging Skin Breakthrough : :
Centella is An Ancient Herb.A new round of research in to Centella [Gotu Kola ] wound healing and skin rejuvenation properties,this herb has been turning up in a host of new skin treatments.
Here is what history and science tells us about why you might want to read ingredient lists to find anti-aging skin treatments to try.
A Long History Of Skin Healing :-
Few medicinal plants have as long a history as Centella Asiatica,there's evidence it was used even by prehistoric man.Known in Chinese medicine as Gotu Kola,it's listed among the "Miracle Elixirs Of Life "and mentioned in legends as the herb that helped a famous sage live past 200.
In India,Centella has a host of names including mandukparni,jalbrahmi,and just plain brahmi.Acenterpiece of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years,it's used to treat infected wounds,syphilis,eczema,psoriasis,lupus and female disorders.
In England,where it's known by the lowly name pennywort for it's coin-shaped leaves,it was one of the earliest treatments for leprosy.
In France,centella was first identified and accepted as a pharmaceutical agent in the 1800s for its use treating diarrhea,dysentery and female issues including infertility.
Taken internally,usually as a tea or other beverage,it's considered an effective treatment for fever,dysentery,hepatitis,and recent research shows it boosts memory and relieves depression and anxiety.
In Thailand,Centella is drunk as a cold beverage and considered a turn-back-the clock health tonic.
An overview in the Indian Journal of Medicine calls gotu kola a "potential herbal cure all"while a research summery published in Phytomedicine,says :"Centella Asiatica has been subjected to quite extensive experimental and clinical investigations."
Recently researchers delving in to how Gotu Kola heals wounds have identified specific plant chemicals called triterpenoid saponins that have been shown to help heal wounds by boosting antioxidants,increasing the blood supply to the area and strengthening the skin.


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