Amazing Health Benefits Of Taro And It's Leaves :

Taro plants in Hanalei Valley in KauaiTaro and it's leaves are the nature's gift to human beings.These are green plant in color which has various health benefits.These are very rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant and has numerous health benefits.The taro leaves and roots both contain nutrients and are fit for consumption.
Taro is known as colocasia or elephant year which is found in tropical Asia.Taro leaves help boost our body's immunity.When the immune system functions effectively,diseases will be kept at bay.Taro roots are also rich in fiber.It has been known since ancient times that taro leaves can be used for treating various diseases like arthritis,asthma,diarrhea,skin disorders,neurological disorders.Numerous steroids have been found to contain several pharmacological properties.It has anti-inflammatory,and analgesic properties.
The leaves contain calcium oxalate,fibers,calcium,phosphorus,starch,as well as vitamins A,B and C.They also contain anthocyanins.The juice of the taro leaf is considered to be a stimulant,astringent and appetizer.
The juice is mixed with salt and used to treat inflamed glands.The decoction of the appeal is used to treat diarrhea.Taro leaves also have antifungal action.
Taro leaves are highly digestible when they are cooked and aontain lots of fibers which keep the digestive system healthy.The leaves are also rich in vitamin A which helps maintain good eye health.Taro leaves can be consumed by pregnant women as they are very nutritious.Taro leavesare lower in fat and high in protein and thus can help you to reduce weight.They are also helpful in preventing anemia.They are also helpful in reducing the wrinkles on the skin.

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