Health Benefits Of Mint :

Green Mint Photo Mint is popularly known for the cooling sensation.It can be added to foods in both fresh and dried forms.Mint is a popular ingredient in several foods and beverages,ranging from teas and alcoholic drinks to sauces,salads and desserts.
Eating the plant offers some health benefits,research shows that several of mint's health benefits come from applying it to skin,inhaling its aroma or taking it as a capsule.
Mint is rich in nutrients,it helps relieves indigestion,improve brain function,decrease breastfeeding pain,improves cold symptoms,mask bad breath and easy to to your diet.
There are a number of health benefits of mint,some of these are as follows :-
1. Mint Can Improve Irritable Bowel Syndrome ;- Irritable bowel syndrome is a common digestive tract disorder.It is characterized by symptoms like stomach pain,gas bloating and changes in bowel habits.Although treatment for IBS often includes dietary changes and taking medications,research shows that taking peppermint oil as an herbal remedy might also be helpful.
2. Mint Is Rich In Nutrients :- Mint has contain a fair amount of nutrients.1/3 cup or half an ounce [14 grams]of spearmint contains,calories-6,fiber-1 gram,vitamin A:12% of the RDI,Iron-9%of the RDI,Manganese:8% of the RDI,Folate-4% of the RDI.
Because of its dynamic flavor,mint is often added to recipes in small amounts,so consuming even 1/3 cup may be difficult.However,it's possible you may come close to this amount in some salad recipes that include mint among the other ingredients.It is also a good source of antioxidants.
3. Improve Brain Function :- In addition to ingesting mint,there are claims that inhaling the aroma of essential oils from the plant could provide health benefits,including improved brain function.One study including 144 young adults demonstrated that smelling the aroma of peppermint oil for five minutes prior to testing produced significant improvements in memory.Another study found that smelling these oils while driving increased alertness and decreased levels of frustration,anxiety and fatigue.
4. Help Relieve Indigestion :- It may also be effective at relieving other digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion.Multiple studies have shown that food passes through the stomach quicker when people take peppermint oil with meals,which could relieve symptoms from this type of indigestion.
5. Subjectively Improve Cold Symptoms :- Many over the counter cold and flu treatments contain menthol,a primary compound in peppermint oil.Many people believe menthol is an effective nasal decongestant that can get rid of congestion and improve airflow and breathing.
However,multiple studies show that menthol has no decongestant function.That being said,research also shows that menthol can subjectively improve nasal breathing.
6. It May Decrease Breastfeeding Pain :- Breastfeeding mothers commonly experience sore and cracked nipples,which can make breastfeeding painful and difficult.Studies have shown that applying mint to the skin can help relieve pain associated with breastfeeding.In these studies breastfeeding mothers applied various forms of mint to the area around the nipple after each feeding.Typically,they used an essential oil on its own or mixed with gel or water..
7. Easy To Add In Diet :- You can easily add mint to green salads.deserts,smoothies and even water.Peppermint tea is another popular way to incorporate it into your diet.But,many of the studies showing the health benefits of mint didn't involve eating the leaves with food.Instead,mint was taken as a capsule,applied to the skin or inhaled via Aromatherapy.
8. Mint May Mask Bad Breath :-Mint flavored chewing gum and breath mints are some of the first things people reach for when trying to prevent or get rid of bad breath.Experts agree that most of these products can mask foul-smelling breath for a few hours.However,they only cover up bad breath and don't reduce the bacteria or other compounds causing bad breath in the first place.

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