Surprising Health Benefits Of Having A Cat In Home :

Girl Holding White Kitten Cats were used basically to be considered the choice of pets for old ladies who live alone.These days however,more people are discovering how sweet felines can be,and they are becoming a more popular choice for pets.
Cats are lovable companions that bring happiness and joy to lives of many pet parents.If you don't consider yourself a 'cat person'why should you consider taking care of a cat when you can have a dog or another pet?
1. Cat Owners Have A Healthier Heart :- Science reveals petting a cat has real health benefits.Thanks to it's relaxing effects,you are bound to have a healthier heart when you have a pet cat.
A study reveals that there is a 30% chance that people who own cats can dodge stroke and other heart problems compared to those who do not own felines.Plus felines can make you less agitated since keeping them as pets take less effort than having dogs.
2. Cats Are Good Companions :- Cat ladies are right about one thing they are great companions.Yes,cats can fill the void when you are living on your own,and these animals can be as much fun as another human.Cats can keep you company,and they can be great buddies who will be there for you no matter what.
Depending on your cat's breed,you might have a feline who loves sitting on your lap or a shadow who will follow you whenever you go.Irrespective of your cat's usual behavior,you can count on them to be waiting for you at the end of a tiring day.
3. Purring Helps You Heal Faster :- Studies reveal cats don't just purr when they are happy,felines do this when they are in pain too.The question of why has been a big issue among researchers.Sine findings indicate that a cat's purr may have healing abilities and this applies to humans too.
If you have an injury and need to mend your bones,petting a cat and the sound of its purring might help you heal faster.If you pay enough attention to your feline friends,you might have noticed that after having a tough day,cats tend to purr a lot.This was also seen as a cat's way to heal itself.
4. Kids With Pet Cats Become More Responsible And Healthier Adults :- When you are responsible for someone other than yourself,your sense of responsibility develops.This is not just applicable for dogs,but also for cats.In fact,children who raised pets have been shown to become more responsible adults than those who didn't.
5. Felines Are Good Listeners :_ Aside from being around all the time,cats can also be the best outlet for your woes.Cats can serve as your outlet when you need to talk to someone but you are not sure who to trust.You can rest assured that cats will keep mum on the subject.After pouring your heart out and shedding a few tears,the only response you would probably get is a purr.Don't think that you are crazy for talking to a cat because you might be surprised about how relaxing it is.For all you know,that cat is purring or meowing to reassure you that everything is going to be alright one day.
6. It Makes Men More Datable :- If you are having a hard time attracting women,pets could be the answer.It seems babies and dogs make men more appealing to woman.However,a survey reveals women feel men who own cats are nicer than those who have pet dogs.
Conclusion :-                            If you don't want a lot of fuss but you want a companion,cats could be the pet you are looking for.Having cats as pets has a lot of advantages from making you healthier to potentially helping you find a partner.
Shower your kitty with love,and soon you will realize why these animals are the some of the best pets out there.

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