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Why is sabudana potentially dangerous with diabetes?

  In a recent article, the author states, "Sabudana may be dangerous with diabetes." But in the same article, she states, "Even when the diet is combined with medication to control diabetes, it can be very beneficial. The combination of these two approaches can help you control your diabetes more effectively and more efficiently." It is obvious to many that the author is in favor of a diet or medicine that is both effective and safe for diabetics. So, it is very possible that Sabudana is potentially dangerous with diabetes and is not a safe treatment at all. Yet, the author has yet to mention that many of the ingredients in the product are not even approved for use in diabetic patients and that there is currently no clinical study that shows that Sabudana helps control diabetes in these patients. There are several ingredients in the Sabudana supplement that have been used by other countries as an effective diabetic cure for many years. Some of these ingredients are

What is Alcoholism? The Definition of Alcoholism

There are many people that have asked me what is alcoholism and I'm going to try to give you some answers. This is something that is hard to answer because each person has a different set of symptoms so in order to be able to get the best possible answers for you and the people that care about you need to take a look at a few different questions. First off, what is alcoholism? Well, it's an addiction that can be diagnosed when a person has been drinking for an extended amount of time without the proper amount of rest or without having taken in any kind of nutritional supplement. You need to understand that alcoholism isn't just an addiction to alcohol, but is actually an addiction to a lot of things and that is why it can be such a problem because if you aren't able to stop then you could end up doing worse than you did before. Another question that people often ask me is how long does it take to get rid of alcohol? Well, you have to understand that alcohol can cause a

What is health? Factors for good health

A definition of "good" health can be very complicated, but there are some basic factors that should be considered. Factors that contribute to good health are determined by a combination of lifestyle and nutrition, and medical treatments and their side effects. The general definition of healthy living is a state in which the individual's physical and mental well being is at its optimum level. Good health is a reflection of these optimal levels, and there are many ways to measure them. These measurements include physical and mental tests, assessments, surveys, self-reports and medical procedures, like examinations, blood tests and scans. The concept of a healthy lifestyle is based on the idea that eating the right foods and regular exercise helps maintain the body in an optimum state. A healthy diet, including the consumption of fruits and vegetables and low to moderate alcohol consumption, reduces the risk of disease, as does consuming regular exercise. A balanced diet is