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How To Care Your Skin In Winter :


It is important to provide your face some extra TLC especially during the winter months because usually, the only part of our bodies which is almost always exposed to the cold weather is our facial skin. Your skin interacts directly with the external environment everyday. You may not realize that the winter weather can already cause premature aging of your skin if you don't pay close attention to it. As such, here are a couple of winter skin care tips for you to follow:

It is always best to exfoliate or deep cleanse your skin once or twice a week in winter. You don't have to purchase a special exfoliating scrub but a regular old toothbrush will do just fine. Exfoliating cleanses the dead and dry skin cells away from your face to reveal a healthy looking skin underneath. It's a winter skin care routine that can really make a difference.

The next thing on the Dr. recommends list is a good moisturizer. Unfortunately, most of the moisturizers being sold in stores are very expensive so many people avoid them thinking they are unnecessary. But the thing is, dead skin cells need moisture in order for them to become firm and also to keep them hydrated. Too much moisture can make your face feel too greasy so always aim for a moisturizer that contains little-to-no oil. Good moisturizers for winter skin care are the ones that contain natural plant oils like macadamia, grapeseed and avocado.

Dryness is another problem which is worsened by winter conditions. To combat dryness in winter, you should take extra care when showering. Use cold water instead of hot when taking a bath to soften your skin as hot water can further dry your already dry skin. You should also be careful how much soap or facial products you use since too much of it can strip off your skin's natural moisture leaving it extremely dry and flaky.

In addition to using the moisturizing lotions and creams, you should also consider using anti-oxidants. These are the only way that you can fight harsh winter conditions since they protect you against free radicals which can cause serious damage to your skin due to their harmful effects. The best anti-oxidants are organic ones since they are made from living things like fruit and vegetables which unlike synthetic ones, won't have negative side effects on your health. However, organic anti-oxidants are very expensive so if you can't afford to buy them, you can get them form a nearby medical clinic like the Mayo Clinic or the American Cancer Society.

A lot of people also use humidifiers during winter skincare rituals because of the fact that dry air makes your skin feel even drier than it is. Humidifiers extract moisture from the air by converting it into a liquid and then pump it into a room to add moisture. You don't have to go out in the cold to get your hands on this kind of moisturizer as they are readily available in the market. If however you have trouble finding a good humidifier that you can afford, you can just purchase a bottle of water from a local convenience store. Just remember that if your humidifier doesn't work well, you should purchase one soon instead of putting up with dryness and itchiness.


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